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COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker: What's Going on in the States?

States are rolling out COVID-19 vaccines, but how well are they doing? Our interactive graphic ranks each state based on how many doses they've administered into their residents' arms, compared with the number of doses they received from the federal government. Check back regularly as this page updates every few days.

Percentage of COVID-19 vaccine supply given as shots, relative to the median, as of
Rank State Doses Received Shots Given % of Supply Administered
State Performance Over Time
Percentage of COVID-19 vaccine supply given as shots
Selected state
Median for 50 states plus D.C.
Number of COVID-19 vaccine doses in
shots given

Note: This page was originally published on March 1, 2021.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, "COVID-19 Vaccinations in the United States."

Design and Development: Graphic produced by John W. Fleming and Jay Simon. Data compiled by Edmund F. Haislmaier.